Gloucestershire College

Gloucester Saxons Basketball Club has it’s central venue in Gloucester’s historic Docks. The Club is based at Gloucestershire College utilising the fantastic modern facilities in a building developed in 2007. The educational link with the College has been instrumental in helping Gloucester Saxons (formerly Gloucester Blazers) grow and become the club it is today. Players coming through the age groups are encouraged to apply for the Gloucestershire College Basketball Academy to utilise the full time Academy alongside gaining a full time qualification.

The building’s design includes a purpose-built sports hall and in recent years a fitness suite has also been developed to improve the strength and conditioning of the players.

Gloucestershire College
Gloucester Campus
Llanthony Rd

Parking at the College

We regret that recently the College has implemented charging for parking on a weekend. The following conditions apply:

1. There is a 20 minute drop off facility which should be ample to drop off and pick up your children. However, there is only room for about 3 cars in the parking area that is near the sports hall. We will monitor this.

2. If you wish to stay, then you will have to pay and display. The current tariffs are:

0-2 hours £2
2-4 hours £4
4-6 hours £6

This is in line with the parking charges at Gloucester Quays. We are continuing discussions with the College management to see if we can find a more equitable solution. Remember there is a penalty of £60 if you don’t pay. This takes effect from Saturday 7th March.

If you wish to use the College car park on a weekday evening, then there is a charge of £1 from 4.30 to 10 pm.