Glozball 2020 (schedule)


Glozball is a ‘participation’ focused service which is aimed at players who do not play substantial National League basketball minutes. This means that the events often feature players who are beginners.

Due to CV19 there is no information to share for CVL’s

#glozball 4x4 mini basketball

Glozball provide a number of different events, including full court 5v5 Junior CVLs, 4v4 mini court with 8 foot hoops CVLs and a Senior Men’s Summer League.

Depending on the tournament/CVL, Glozball provide qualified or trainee officials for all events, including referees and table officials for score keeping and time keeping.

Rules are individually tailored for each event, depending on the CVL type, number of teams and length of games.  Here is an example of the rules for 5v5 Junior CVLs:

Defence: Referees try to ensure all players attempt to play ‘man to man defense and not zone defense.
Game Length: Depending on the number of teams and court availability, the length of scheduled tournament games can vary. Usually the clock is stopped in the last period. For either one or two minutes.
Team Fouls: 4 for each period of play
Personal Fouls: 5

JUNIOR Central Venue Leagues (CVL)
The GLOZBALL CVL leagues are based on a proven sustainablity development model, focusing on long term economic growth. With the support of Gloucestershire College, Saxons currently run weekend tournaments or Central Venue Leagues.  During the 2016/7 season, there were tournaments for four different age groups, mixed u12s, u13s and u14s, as well as a girls only u14/16 tournament and and boys only 16s tournament.

The 2017/18 season saw the addition of two new regular, monthly CVL age groups, the U10 mixed and U14 girls age groups, as well as a pilot 4v4 mini tournament with 8 feet hoops and trainee junior officials.

Currently, all tournament games are played at Gloucestershire College, a venue located in the historic Gloucester Docks, or Gloucester Quays.  Each month, there is normally at least one CVL/tournament for each age group.  Tournament games are played on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, with tournaments lasting either a half day or a full day, depending on the number of teams entered to play in the tournament.  We have currently added all scheduled tournaments up until the end of April 2018 on events page.

Schools and “One Off Junior CVLs
Maybe you already have a squad of beginners but don’t have a qualified basketball coach?  We can offer support by providing qualified game day head & assistant coaches while making sure that a teacher, parent or designated guardian can get trained up as a qualified coach or official.  Please don’t hesitate to email Danny James to start a dialogue.


GLOZBALL CVL offers a great opportunity to create a team, enter a competition and then enjoy playng basketball games at Gloucestershire College.  GLOZBALL provides qualified referees and table officials for all games and we take care of the venue, admin and the other details so you don’t have to worry about any organising. Just turn up and play.  If you are interested in taking part in a future CVL, then get cracking and email us for an entry form to complete your teams registration……

In the summer of 2016, we ran a Men’s Summer CVL which saw 8 teams take part in a competition lasting 12 weeks.  We will be running 2 Men’s CVLs in 2017, including the 2nd installment of the Summer League.