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Saxons u14s // 2017/18 Season

It seems a lot longer ago, but this was only about 12 months ago. Spectacular lads!

Super 6 Win Both Games On The Road In Torbay

An outstanding team display from the 6 players who travelled to Torbay to play the Dorset Storm and Torbay Tigers led to 2 wins at Churston School earlier this afternoon.

The 6, captained by our new TV celebrity, Archie Starkey (he got 10 seconds of fame on BBC TV last night after the Wolves v Giants game) put together some outstanding defensive plays to pull away from both the Storm and the Tigers.

#4 Luis Leal
#5 Beray Berkay
#6 Pietro Colombai
#7 Pearse ONeil
#11 Archie Starkey
#12 Jacob Adams


Saxons 67-43 Dorset Storm

With only 6 players travelling to Torbay, Beray Berkay started on the bench to come on as 6th man, start a regular rotation with each player getting between 30 and 60 seconds rest, before going back on to replace a different player.

After a close 1st period, Coach Grainger decided to switch defences regularly, getting the Saxons to apply full court pressure for 4-5 possessions in a row which lead to a run of possessions with the Storm turning the ball over and the Saxons getting easy fast break layups. Saxons ended up adding a phenomenal 27 points to the scoreboard in the 2nd quarter!

To top off the great defence and easy lay up conversions, the last play of the 2nd period saw Saxons gain possession of the ball with about 7 seconds left on the game clock. Great clock awareness by point guard Pietro Colombai lead to him getting fouled with 0.3 left on the clock attempting a 3 point shot. Pietro then calmly stepped up to the free throw line and made all 3 free throws!

The great defence and resulting scores from the Saxons saw them go into the start of the 3rd period leading up by 18 points, with the score at 34-16.

Knowing that the toughest game would be the 2nd matchup against the Torbay Tigers, who had beaten the Storm in the 1st game, Coach Grainger decided not to use the full court press again, thinking about conserving the players energy for the 2nd game. With this in mind, Coach Grainger also used up all 3 second half time outs in the last 5 minutes of the 4th period to ensure the players were well rested going into the game against the Tigers.


#4 Luis Leal: 14
#5 Beray Berkay: 4
#6 Pietro Colombai: 21
#7 Pearse ONeil: 15
#11 Archie Starkey: 3
#12 Jacob Adams: 8

Period 1: Saxons 17-9 Storm
Period 2: Saxons 27-7 Storm
Period 3: Saxons 10-12 Storm
Period 4: Saxons 13-14

Saxons 38-21 Torbay Tigers

At the start of the 1st period, Saxons struggled on offence against the Tigers defence, who having watched the Saxons 1st game, came out in a very timid man to man defence, often, with all 5 players having both feet inside the key. This caused problems for the Saxons 5 out dribble drive offence, with the team stopping their regular ball movement and basket cuts, which often lead to easy lay ups.

Although at times it seemed as if the Tigers were playing a zone, Coach Grainger held back calling a timeout. With a reminder during the break at the end of the 1st period about running the offence, the Saxons still struggled against Torbay’s defence, so after about a minute of the 2nd period, Coach Grainger called his 1st timeout, and explained the situation to the players. 

After the timeout, the players then started to pass the ball and cut again in their 5 out offence, when it became really obvious that the bigger players on the Tigers team would effectively sit inside the key preventing any dribble drives, which led to Coach Grainger asking the referees a question about the league rules. The referees then consulted the Tigers coaching staff to remind them that they were not allowed to play zone defence and play continued. The Saxons players also started playing full court defence, which held the Tigers to 2 points in the 2nd period, with the Saxons going into the half time break leading 17-10.

The start of the 3rd period saw the Saxons pick up where they left off, picking up full court and forcing more turnovers, again holding the Tigers to 2 points in a period and going into the start of the 4th quarter leading 30-12.

There was no need for the Saxons to apply any full court pressure in the 4th period, although Luis Leal, aka Superman fouled out in the 3rd minute of the period. To make the situation worse, Jacob Adams, who will be practicing with the South West Regional Squad on Sunday, had to leave the game with cramp, with about 5 minutes left on the game clock. This meant that the game ended with only 4 Saxons players on the court, although the 4 players left did an incredible job to keep the 4th period score close, with the Tigers edging the period, 9 points to 8.

All round, the Saxons put in a really good effort, with some really good half court passing. All the players were complimented by the referees, with one of the referees commenting, ‘they were amazing!’

Well done team!!!!


#4 Luis Leal: 8
#5 Berey Berkay: 0
#6 Pietro Colombai: 8
#7 Pearse ONeil: 11
#11 Archie Starkey: 2
#12 Jacob Adams: 9

Period 1: Saxons 8-8 Tigers
Period 2: Saxons 9-2 Tigers
Period 3: Saxons 13-2 Tigers
Period 4: Saxons 8-9 Tigers

Superman fouled out.