Match Report: Saxons U16s v Flyers (16 Dec 2017)

Match report Saxons v Flyers
16th December, 2017

This was a much-anticipated match, and after the heavy loss Saxons had felt in the away fixture at the start of the season, there was a keenness to display how much progress had been made.

Even the greatest Saxons optimist could not have expected their team to begin the game with an 8-0 lead, with Saxons playing with a determined intensity straight from the tip-off.  An air of confidence seemed to be running through the whole team, whilst Flyers appear slightly shell-shocked by the Saxons mome from the start.

What followed the initial burst was a sustained level of play from Saxons, with Flyers recovering slightly, but not managing to claw into the 8 point lead, with the score at the end of the first quarter standing at 19-12 to Saxons.

The second quarter followed a similar pattern, with Saxons playing some outstanding basketball, urged on by increasingly vocal support of the home crowd, who were growing in belief that Saxons might be able to actually get something from this game and end up with an unexpected win.   At the end of second quarter, Saxons were still leading, but the margin had been cut to 2.  Score at the end of the 2nd quarter, Saxons 29-27 Flyers .

After emerging from the locker room to start the third quarter it was clear to everyone in the crowd that the Flyers had been given an thorough half-time roasting, as they came out playing at the start of the quarter as though their lives depended on it, starting off in a full court press.  Flyers knocked down a desperately needed 3 point shot and were making life really difficult for the Saxons players.  Flyers sustained pressure during the quarter resulted in a number of forced Saxons turnovers and by the end of the third quarter, the scoreboard showed the swing to Flyers with the score at 46-56.

The last quarter got underway and after a slow start from both teams, Saxons played pretty well and seemed to go toe-to-toe with Flyers. There was some really great basketball on show in the last few minutes of the game, but Saxon’s composure seemed to drop with Flyers’ experience showing as they managed to see out the game at 59-70 and get the 11 point win.

To compete against one of the best teams in the South West for a full 40 minutes and end up coming so close to getting a positive result shows how far the boys have come since the previous fixture at the Wise Centre in Bristol.

Coach Adam commented on how he couldn’t be prouder of the performance!  For more from Coach Adam Cole, please listen to the post-match interview for his analysis of the game.