Glozball Summer League 2018 Playoffs

The Summer League playoffs are almost here!
Week Commencing Monday 23rd July 2018


After 11 weeks of Summer League games which have been played at the Docks Campus, we are less than 72 hours away from the Playoffs!

There is now only one Regular Season game left to play, a rescheduled game from the competitive League on Tuesday Nights.  The game between Pumas and  Under-Rated will be taking place on Monday 23rd July, 7.30pm tip off, but will have no effect on the final table positions.

Tuesday night’s runaway leaders are Saxons who suffered their only defeat of the Regular Season to Under-Rated in the last week of the Regular Season, going down to Under-Rated by 2 points, 47-49 after a golden basket overtime!

3rd/4th Place Playoff Game

Tuesday night’s Playoff game for 3rd/4th place is between Pumas and Stroud.

Here are the previous results between the two teams.  Pumas took the series 2-1 and notched up the biggest win with a 13 point victory in the Week 7 game.

Pumas vs Stroud – 2018 Summer League Regular Season Results:

WEEK 4 8th May Stroud 64-66 Pumas
WEEK 4 8th May Stroud 74-72 Pumas
WEEK 7 19th June Stroud 63-76 Pumas


1st/2nd Place Playoff Game

The 1st/2nd place matchup features Saxons and Under-Rated.  Check out the previous graphic for the full Playoff schedule!


Video Clip: “Damon knocks down the mid-range jumper for Saxons”

Focusing on Tuesday night’s Playoff Final for 1st place in this feature, Saxons and Under-Rated have faced each other a total of three times during the Summer League Regular Season with Saxons winning the duel with a 2-1 record vs Under-Rated.  All the games were close – the 1st one almost going to overtime, with Saxons managing to keep control of the game in crunch time and take the 2 point win.


Photo – Week 7: Saxons vs Under-Rated

The 2nd game between the two teams ended up with the biggest margin for Saxons, not quite making it to a double digit win, running out winners by a 9 point margin. It’s more than likely that the outcome of the battle for 1st place in the Final will end up being heavily influenced by which squad manages to get themselves organised the best!

Whoever can muster up the strongest players that have represented each squad so far during the Regular Season is likely to end up winners, although it would be fair to say that Saxons are favourites given the players that they have at their disposal – if they all manage to show up and share the ball with each other!

For those of you that love numbers, stats, nostalgia and a bit of history, here is another table with the previous results of the games played between the two teams during the Regular Season.

Saxons vs Under-Rated – 2018 Summer League Regular Season Results:

WEEK 2 24th April Saxons 51-49 Under-Rated
WEEK 7 19th June Saxons 56-47 Under-Rated
WEEK 11 17th July Saxons 47-49 Under-Rated