Danny James is leaving role as Head of Basketball at Gloucestershire College

14th November 2018


Dear Saxons, Players, Parents and Followers,

I am sending this message so you are all aware that I am leaving my role as Head of Basketball at the College from Saturday 17th November 2018 and will also be taking a step back from my duties with the Saxons.

I recently received a job offer which I have now accepted which is in a completely different field of work to basketball.

As many of you will be aware, I live in Bristol and have to commute to work. My new role is a lot closer to home which is something I have had to consider carefully as it will be far better for my family.

I am pleased to say that I will leave the club in a fantastic position. In the last 3 years, the team of volunteers have built something at Saxons that everybody should be very proud of.

There are some fantastic people running the club behind the scenes and some fantastic coaches working across the various age groups. The Club, its community and activities have proved time and time again that things have been built in the right way and the growth of the club is a measure of this.

I am confident knowing that I will leave the club in a very strong position going forwards, with plenty more opportunities to grow and much more still to achieve.

My role at the College and the club will be advertised and a new Head of Basketball will be employed. I am sure who ever this is will bring great new ideas and will also help support and grow this amazing club further.

I wish this person the very best and I know that if they get to see what I have seen over the last few years that they will love every minute.

I’m not leaving completely as I will still undertake a few roles to the best of my ability for the remainder of the season or until my replacement is fully in place. This will mean that I won’t be in Gloucester as often as I have been and will be continuing various duties in the background.

I would like to thank everybody at the club for everything they have done and continue to do, helping to make the club work smoothly. There are so many fantastic people who do so many different things, for which I am extremely grateful.

I know that I will see much more of the Saxons growth in the future and hope to read many more stories plotting it’s successes. I will always be very proud of the role I have played in moving the club forwards and will always remember my time fondly.

I wish the club and everybody involved all of the very best and again thank you for some amazing years.

Many Thanks
Danny James